Our company SARAR Blanket Textile Industry and Trade Co.  instuted in 1996. We produce yarn blanket and rug in Uşak. Our company SARAR has the capacity of producing 70 tons of yarn and 5000 weaved blankets daily.

Also in 2007 we started to produce printed blankets with Altinsar Textile Industry and Trade Co. Therefore our capacity of producing blankets increased to 12000 units daily.

All processes are fully integrated. Productions facility from raw materials to finished product manufacturing is done in-house in our company.

The collections that we offer to customers are prepared in accordance with the determined themes. Designs form in line with trends. Our product designers work diligently to prepare down to the finest detail and reflect the best of brand awareness.

Our main goal in developing market world is to produce products that will satisfy our customers in our business.

SARAR company is one Turkey's most important blanket facility with the capacity of productions and quality of materials.